Why Install an LED Shower Head?

If you're finally ready to create your dream bathroom, then you want to get things just right. You may have waited years to remodel the room, so you're keen to get everything in place to turn it into a relaxing space.

Getting the right shower — and shower head — in the room is important. If you like a long hot shower, then you want a model that delivers. While factors like head type, position and pressure play a part here, you can also add other features that enhance your experience. For example, you could install an LED shower head.

How do these shower heads work, and what are the benefits?

What Are LED Shower Heads?

LED shower heads primarily deliver water for your shower like any other product. However, these heads have an extra feature — an LED lighting system.

The shower has an LED light built into its design. When you turn the shower on, the head suffuses with coloured light. In some cases, you may only get one lighting option; in others, the light comes in a variety of colours.

Some lighting systems also connect to the shower's temperature controls. Here, the colour of the light that comes out of the head is controlled by the temperature of the water. So, the light shines in different colours, depending on whether the water is cold, warm or hot.

What Are the Advantages of LED Shower Heads?

Adding LED lighting to your shower helps create a distinctive ambience in your bathroom. You can use this as a kind of mood lighting.

Imagine taking a shower with the overhead lights dimmed or off. Instead of a brightly lit room, you can shower bathed in a soft glow of light. This will help you relax, especially at the end of a long and busy day.

If you install a system that has temperature features, then you get other benefits. For a start, you'll know what the temperature of the water is before you step in the shower.

So, you won't have to shiver in cold water while the water warms up or jump about trying to turn the temperature down quickly if the shower is set too hot. The colour of the light tells you how hot or cold the water is. This is also a useful feature if your kids will use the shower and you worry about them controlling the water temperature safely.

To find out more about LED shower heads, ask your plumber for advice.

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