How Do You Know a Pipe Has Burst?

You don't always need a qualified plumber to tell you that one of the pipes in your home or place of work has burst. This is because you will quite often know that this is the case, especially if water is pouring through a wall or you have developed a growing damp patch underfoot. Indeed, sometimes when there is exposed pipework around the building you can see exactly where the burst has occurred. If so, you are likely to need a plumber anyway to conduct a proper burst pipe repair for you. Trying to patch it up yourself probably won't last even if you succeed in the short term. 

Nevertheless, there are indications of a burst pipe that are not so easy to spot. What are the most common symptoms of a pipe not functioning correctly that are worth looking out for? Read on to find out.

Smelly Water 

To begin with, both malodorous and discoloured water coming from your taps when you run them could indicate that there is a problem with the water flow into your property. Sometimes water pipes can pick up soil and other natural elements which makes the water smelly or have a non-transparent appearance. There again, pipes that have rusted and may be about to burst can also lead to such problems. Either way, it is likely you'll soon need a burst pipe repair.

Clanging Noises

When a pipe or a joint between pipes is not operating properly, it can cause water to not flow as freely as it should. As a result, air can become trapped in certain sections of pipe leading to clanging noises as it is compressed and released. In addition, burst water pipes will often drip when no water is being drawn through them. You will need a repair if hear dripping but cannot see where the water is coming from.

Unusual Water Pressure

Pipes that have burst are not the only reason for fluctuating water pressure. The main pressure changes from time to time in Australia. Nevertheless, stronger-than-usual drops in water pressure may mean there is a faulty pipe. If the water pressure is normal in the bathroom but low in the kitchen, then it is likely a pipe has burst somewhere between the two rooms.

Higher Than Usual Consumption

Sometimes there are no physical signs of burst domestic pipes that you can spot until your water bill arrives. If this has shot up with no sound reason, then it is likely you will need a plumber to get to the root of the problem and conduct a burst pipe repair for you.

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