3 Common Plumbing Emergencies That Every Homeowner Should Watch Out For

Regular maintenance of your home's plumbing system is essential to prevent problems that lead to plumbing emergencies. Unfortunately, such emergencies can occur even when your residential plumbing is properly looked after. When this happens, you'll need to call an emergency plumber. 

Emergency plumbers typically handle plumbing issues that occur outside of normal business hours and handle that which can't wait until a regular plumber is available. You may need to get in touch with an emergency plumber if you're faced with the following plumbing issues.

Blocked Drains

It's no secret — clogged drains are a big plumbing concern for every homeowner. This problem can arise due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Neglecting maintenance on your drains
  • Flushing the wrong stuff down your drains
  • Allowing large trees to grow too close to your main sewer line
  • The natural process of drainpipe deterioration

While facing a blockage in your residential drains is a dreadful thing, you'll often see the signs of trouble brewing. Some tell-tale signs of clogged drains include:

  • Wastewater draining too slowly
  • Gurgling sounds from your drains
  • Water rising in the toilet bowl when you flush
  • Foul sewage odour drifting through your home

If you notice the signs of blocked drains in your home, you should have an emergency plumber investigate, pinpoint, and fix the cause of the problem.

Water Line Leaks

If you notice leaks in your water supply line, you should contact a plumber immediately. Waterline leaks waste precious water, resulting in huge water bills if the problem is left unaddressed for a long time. Other problems that can arise if water line leaks are left unattended include:

  • Water damage: Penetrating water can cause costly damage to your home.
  • Mould growth: The moisture build-up can encourage mould to grow in your home.
  • Pest infestation: The penetrating damp can invite moisture-loving critters into your home.

Working with leak detection specialists, an emergency plumber can detect and fix any leaks that exist in your home's water line.

No Hot Water Supply

If the water from your faucets or showerhead isn't hot, you're probably having hot water supply issues. There are many reasons why this may happen. The most likely causes of water heater malfunction include:

  • The water heater isn't powered up
  • The water heater's heating elements are damaged
  • The water heater's thermostat is faulty
  • The presence of leaks in your hot water supply line

If you don't get hot water in your shower, you should have an emergency plumber have a look at your water heater as soon as possible. 

Since you can't know when a plumbing emergency will arise in your home, it's best to keep a local emergency plumber's contact details at all times. Contact an emergency plumber for more information. 

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