Don't Make Your Drainage System a Disgusting Graveyard

You ignored the slight odour that emanated from your drain last week; now it has become a horrible odour you must "kill" today. Plumbing problems, especially those associated with the drains, are easy to control if you act soon as the slightest ones occur. Drain problems become distressing when delayed or ignored. The horrible odour from your drainage system indicates that something is lodging at the wrong place and it should be removed. A local plumber will explore the drainage system to find out why it's stinking and how the cause of the horrible stink could be removed. See why your drainage system continues to release that distasteful smell:

You Still Pour Grease Into the Drain

Only substances that drain well should go down your drainage system, and grease isn't one of them. Getting that slimy substance or grease to the bottom part of the septic tank is difficult and costly since you need a lot of hot water to do so. This means your heating and water bills would increase at the same time if you run the hot water down the drain regularly. Improper drainage causes the grease to harden or solidify and accumulate, leading to a serious drain clog. Call in a seasoned plumber to unblock the drain, and start disposing of the grease in the garbage bin.

It's Long Since You Cleaned Your Garbage Disposal

Although you are keen on what you throw into your garbage disposal, don't assume it doesn't get dirty. Go through the garbage disposal user's manual to know what you should put into it and when it should be cleaned. Dirty and unwanted liquid and food will still find their way inside the canister no matter how careful you are when handling your garbage disposal. Citrus fruits, dish soap, vinegar and lemon slices will somehow fight that horrible odour, but calling in a local plumber to clean your drain regularly is a permanent solution to the problem.

Plumbing Vent Is Clogged

Your plumbing system can't be efficient and reliable without a plumbing vent. Most people experience a horrible odour from their drainage system when an integral part such as the vent gets clogged. A plumbing system with a good vent won't allow water to back up since water pressure won't accumulate. Air and the odours that accompany it get out of the pipes through the vent. Small animals, bird nests and debris are some of the things that block the vent, causing the bad odour to lurk in your home.

An experienced plumber will inspect your drainage system and use their professional skills and tools to clean it. The do-it-yourself methods you use to eradicate the horrible odour from your drainage system will only suppress the problem, but they won't uproot it. The cleaning technique a local plumber uses depends on how they find your drainage system when inspecting it.

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