Consequences of Leaving Blocked Drains Unchecked

Irrespective of where you live or the upkeep you accord your system, plumbing problems are inevitable. And since these issues are commonplace, it is unsurprising to find that some people underestimate the importance of professional repair under the impression that they are saving money by attempting to attend to the problem on their own. However, there is a myriad of potential risks you will be exposing yourself to when you leave plumbing problems undeterred. These risks are especially prominent when it comes to blocked drains. While a blocked drain at the onset may seem inconsequential, the problems can become exacerbated and eventually lead to grievous complications. The following is a short list of possible consequences of leaving blocked drains unchecked. 

Deficient drainage

One of the first issues that will manifest when you have an unchecked blocked drain is deficient drainage in your home. As the blockages in your drains grow bigger, the harder it is for water or waste to makes its way through the plumbing system. Over time, you will start to notice your drainage resurging back into your home, which leads to additional issues with bacteria, foul odours and so on. If you do not want your drains, particularly your toilets, bringing waste back into your home, it is crucial to have the blocked drain addressed immediately.

Filthy water

You may think that a blocked drain will only affect the drainage of water out of your home, but this is incorrect. When you do not attend to blocked drains as they happen, you inadvertently allow your plumbing system to become a haven for bacteria. Moreover, as food particles and other forms of waste accumulate inside the drainage system, they fester and could potentially have a negative impact on the quality of the water in your home. If the blocked drains are caused by root intrusion, you will notice that soil is making its way into your water, which turns it unsafe for use. To avoid these complications, it is in your best interests to have any blocked drains fixed before the issue gets a chance to become aggravated.

Health hazards

You may be thinking that if you do not consume the water that has been compromised by the blocked drain, then your health will not be at risk. However, this is a gross misassumption. Once the water has been jeopardised by bacteria, using the water for a bath poses the possibility of skin infections in your home. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, foul odours can permeate your house, which could be carrying airborne contaminants. Hence, you and your family could develop respiratory complications.

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