Plumbing Services You Need for Caravan Upgrades

Long-term travel and caravan living is becoming an increasingly popular endeavour for many people. It is cost effective and allows people to work, live and enjoy life on the road in a safe personal environment. The first step in this process for many people considering the lifestyle is to renovate older model caravans to suit their on-the-road needs. One of the areas you will need to renovate deals with the plumbing. Here are a few of the plumbing services you will need for your caravan upgrades and what to know about each one.

Water Heater Removal

Depending on the make and model of your caravan, you may have an onboard water heater tank. This tank can take up considerable amounts of room and can keep any energy costs and usage you have running at a steadily high rate. It also requires you to have some form of power hookup, limiting your stays to caravan sites along your course of travel. A plumber can help with this by removing the tank, freeing up the space and installing a tankless water heater instead. They can also help with solar tankless systems to help reduce the need for electrical power hookups while traveling.

Water Purification Systems

You may think about stopping at different camping sites that include off-grid options. This means collecting water from rainwater, streams, lakes and other natural sources. This water should be filtered and purified in order to make it safe for drinking and use throughout the caravan. You can do this with tablets and other methods, but plumbers can help in a bigger way. They can install water purification systems that can purify the water you have stored in the onboard tanks. This purification system can filter the water through plumbing to any part of the caravan.

Hot Water Systems

If you have an older make and model of caravan, you may not have a suitable hot water system for long-term living. Plumbers can look at your current system and determine if it is suitable or if upgrades are needed. If the upgrades are required, they will help you decide what upgrades you want and install a hot water system that can give you the water you need with solar heat or with electric heat. Keep in mind, plumbers can also install gas-heated options if your caravan will sustain them.

These are just a few of the plumbing services you will need for your caravan upgrades. When you are ready for the plumbing renovations to your caravan, contact your local plumbing contractor. They can offer a consultation and discuss your options for the upgrade. They can also answer questions about completion timeframes and pricing as well.

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