Will an Anti-Hammer Valve Shut up a Noisy Tap?

Water hammer noises coming out from a tap can be irritating. If the tap makes a loud hammering noise whenever you turn it on or off, then you may be keen to shut it up and get some peace. Adding an anti-hammer valve to the tap may help.

What do these valves do, and will fitting a valve make things quieter?

What Are Anti-Hammer Valves?

Taps sometimes make hammering noises when you use them because their pressure is a little high. This can also happen if they lack enough air in the system to cushion the noise of the water when it comes into the pipe or is turned off. This noise may be more noticeable if you turn a tap on or off quickly or hard. If you turn the tap gradually, the noise may not be so bad or may not happen at all. 

Anti-hammer valves sit in the tap's workings. These valves have special springs built into them; this spring acts like a noise cushion, taking on some of the job of opening and closing a water supply more gradually.

Will an Anti-Hammer Valve Make Your Tap Quieter?

If the problem you're having with your tap lies in the tap itself, then an anti-hammer valve may well make the tap quieter when you use it. In this case, the valve often fixes the problem. However, if you have a more widespread water hammer problem, then a single tap valve may not be a complete solution. It may make your tap a little quieter, but the fundamental problem and noise may still be there.

You may fit the valve only to find that your water is still hammering. The tap itself may not be at fault. This could be something as simple as a loose water pipe that bangs against a wall or other pipes when water runs through it. Alternatively, you could have a problem with your water pressure setting. A lack of cushioning air in your system could also be at fault. If you have either of these issues, then you may need a different fix to make your water run more quietly, such as changing pressure settings or draining your plumbing system to reset it.

If you aren't sure why your water runs so noisily even after you've fitted an anti-hammer valve, then a plumber should be able to diagnose the problem and fix it for you.

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