5 Reasons to Call Your Emergency Plumber

Imagine coming home from a typically long day to find your house flooded. Plumbing problems are quite inconvenient. Your typical reaction with any plumbing problem might be taking care of it yourself. While some issues give you some time to try to fix it yourself, some require the immediate attention of an emergency plumber

It is important to know the difference between a plumbing emergency or a regular plumbing problem. It is also important to know that a regular plumbing problem can turn into an emergency at any point. 

Here are five times you should call an emergency plumber.

1. Sewer Back-Up

A sewer back-up is one of the worst inconveniences you can experience. When the sewer is backed up, raw sewage usually sits at the point of back-up, causing physical damage to your home. In addition, it has a very bad odour and is very unhygienic, causing multiple health threats to your family. 

If your sewer is backed up, call an emergency plumber immediately. 

2. Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is a danger to your home. While burst pipe may be releasing clean water that is hygienic and safe to encounter, it may flood your home. Repairing the pipe promptly is a challenging project which needs the expertise of an emergency plumber. Once they arrive, they have the skills to inspect the scene quickly and make the necessary repairs, allowing your home to go back to normal. 

3. Toilet Overflow

In addition to flooding your home with toilet water, the dirty water causes a serious sanitary issue. A clog in the pipes leading out of the toilet into the sewerage system or in the toilet can cause the overflow. The first move would be to shut off the toilet valve to prevent water from flowing into the toilet system, then call the emergency plumber. 

If you try to diagnose the problem by yourself, you could cause a misdiagnosis and find a worse situation to occur. 

4. If You Don't Have Water Flowing

If you do not have water running in your home, it is a major concern. Just like a sewer back-up, lacking water prevents you from maintaining a hygienic germ-free environment. 

5. Frozen Pipe

If you reside in an area where the temperatures reach sub-zero during the winter, then you know how much ice can cause. Always call an emergency plumber to un-freeze the pipes, and insulate them afterwards to ensure the problem stops altogether.

Sometimes it is challenging to decide what is a plumbing emergency and what can wait. If you experience any of the above issues, call an emergency plumber to help you get your system back to normal. 

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