4 Reasons to Install Floor Standing Taps on a Freestanding Bath

If you've decided to install a freestanding bath in your bathroom, then you can fit different types of taps in different positions. While some people still prefer to fit taps to the bath itself, others use taps that sit outside the bath and that stand on the floor.

What are the benefits of floor standing bath taps?

1. Get More Room

If you use floor standing taps, then your freestanding bath doesn't lose any of its footprint to its taps. You can stretch out and relax in the bath without having to worry about the discomfort of sitting next to taps or having to arrange parts of your body to stay away from them.

If you're thinking about putting in a bigger bath that you can share, then taking taps out of the mix adds to your comfort. Neither of you has to sit against the taps; both of you can stretch out and relax without anything getting in the way.

2. Get Easier Cleaning

Cleaning bath taps can take a little work, especially if you're in a hard water area. Limescale and general dirt can pool around the bottom of the taps where they sit on the bath. Limescale can be particularly difficult to clean off.

Floor standing bath taps are stand-alone items. They fit on a stand that goes next to the bath. So, the taps, their fittings and the stand itself are all accessible. This may make these types of taps easier to clean.

3. Get More Design Flexibility

The positioning of your freestanding bath may be straightforward—you may be able to fit it exactly where you want it. However, in some bathrooms, the design of your existing plumbing may make this difficult. You may not be able to get the bath in your chosen position without changing some of your pipework.

Floor standing taps may give you a little more wriggle room. You may be able to get the bath where you want it because these taps cover the extra distance you need to meet your current plumbing setup.

4. Get a Different Look

While any freestanding bath makes a bathroom look unique, floor standing taps switch things up a little. Putting your taps at the side of the bath can make the room look more stylish and unusual.

Your plumber can tell you more about floor standing taps and their benefits. They can also show you examples of different kinds of taps, including ones that come with shower heads, so you can choose a design that suits your new bathroom.

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