When Does a Business Require the Services of an Emergency Plumber?

One of the most vital aspects of operating a successful business is making sure your premises are properly maintained — this includes plumbing. While it's okay for an on-site handyman to handle general maintenance in your company, some plumbing issues are too big and require the services of an emergency plumber.

Below are situations that should only be handled by your emergency plumber:

Blocked toilet

A clogged toilet is one of the most notorious problems a plumber can deal with. If the toilet isn't flushing properly and you have used a plunger, but the situation hasn't changed, you are definitely facing a stubborn blockage in the pipes that require the attention of an emergency plumbing service. Immediate action should be taken once a toilet is blocked to avoid creating a bigger problem. If left untreated, blocked pipes can burst, meaning you'll incur more to clean up the mess.

Increased water bill

Have you noticed an increase in your water bills although the water usage habits in the office haven't changed and water rates per unit are still the same? If so, a certain pipe could be leaking. Leaks should never be ignored, no matter how insignificant they seem. Other than pouring the company's funds down the drain, leaks may cause mould growth, which leads to the structure's long term damage and health problems. To ensure your workers have a safe and healthy work environment, get the leaks fixed immediately by a 24-hour plumbing service.

Leaky faucets

A leaky faucet constantly drips water, and this can increase the water bill as well. Note that tightening things up isn't a simple do-it-yourself task. In most cases, leaky faucets undergo wear and tear, meaning it may need to be replaced instead of being tightened. The plumber you contact will investigate and determine the cause of the problem, then resolve the situation accordingly.

Frozen pipes

If winter is coming to an end and you haven't taken the necessary precautions against frozen pipes, your office could experience some critical problems sooner than expected. Frozen pipes tend to burst open during a thaw, and nothing is worse than the expense and hassle of repairing burst pipes. Make sure you contact an emergency plumber in time so they can assess the pipes and offer thawing services before your business finds itself in a nightmare of burst pipes.

Don't subject your employees to an unhealthy or unsafe working environment, and the best place to start is ensuring you have a 24-hour plumber you can contact at any time.

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