5 Hot Water System Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

A hot water system is essential for the comfort of the entire family. The system provides hot water for the showers, machine washers and dishwashers, so if well maintained, the system will last even longer. An annual tune-up can help you attain greater efficiency and performance from the unit. Here are the reasons for acquiring hot water service from a professional.

Inspect the system for wear and cracks

Choose a certain date of the month when you can go and check the hot water system from the top part to the bottom. Be sure to search for wearing, water leakage and cracks. This task will only take a few minutes, but it'll save you from wasting water and give you a chance to handle minor problems before they worsen.

Check out the relief valve

To accomplish this task correctly, you will require the manual that came with the tank. You can always google it if you don't actually have the hard copy. A relief valve relieves extra pressure from the system, so it's important to ensure it's working properly. This should be done twice each year.

Switch off the system when travelling for a while

Whenever you have a business trip or vacation for about a week or so, consider turning the system off. Wondering why? The system will still heat the water even if you aren't using it. Other than saving on electricity or gas, this will assist you in extending the system's life.

Get professional services each year

It is not advisable to wait until the system has a problem to contact your local plumber. Consider asking the plumber to check the system once each year. Experts can pinpoint all the potential problems before they get serious and will ensure the system runs efficiently. Additionally, it's an excellent idea to get the sacrificial anode replaced after a few years since it may corrode, causing more issues with the hot water cylinder. Your plumbing specialist should be in a position to advise you accordingly.

Exercise caution when handling garden work around the system

In case your hot water system is mounted on a grassy area near your house, be careful when you do garden maintenance. For instance, a whipper snipper can cause a lot of damage to pipes that feed the system. Heavy bumps from a mower may also cause dents or cracks. Ensure you are cautious when working in the garden.

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