Take Steps to Have Your Water System Checked Before Faults Occur

Preventative maintenance of your home's water supply and distribution network is a good idea if you want to avoid problems down the line. Like other preventative maintenance regimes, such as checking on your home's electrical wiring system, it can highlight small faults before they get out of hand and end up costing you more money. There are plenty of plumbing services companies throughout Australia which offer preventative maintenance schedules for homeowners. Therefore, you should not wait until there is a leak or a fault before taking action. Make sure that your plumbing system is in good working order before a serious issue occurs. What sort of checks are made by plumbers offering this sort of service?

Hot Water System Checks

A hot water system inspection is one of the main things to have conducted during a preventative maintenance check-up. Your hot water system may not be functioning as effectively as you might think. If you need hot water system repairs, then it is better to have this done before you get into winter when your demands for heating and hot water go up. In fact, a maintenance inspection could lead to an entire hot water system replacement. However, if you are able to find out early that you need a full replacement, then it is often better than waiting until your system has fully packed up and you have no hot water at all.

Plumbing Insulation

Another key aspect of preventative maintenance in plumbing is to make sure that your pipes are properly insulated. This is not just for your hot water pipes and to make sure you minimise heat losses, however. In Australian winters, pipes that are not properly insulated or that run through cold areas, such as lofts and attics, will often burst during a cold spell. What tends to happen is that ice forms on the inside of a water pipe which then expands causing it to weaken significantly.

Water Pressure Regulation

Any good preventative maintenance inspection of your home's water supply should also check on the overall pressure within the system. Domestic water pressure is normally regulated from the mains supply in some way. If this has not been adjusted correctly, then you could find that the water pressure becomes too high at certain times of the year. In turn, this can easily lead to leaky joints which could eventually burst and damage the contents of your home leading to a costly insurance claim.

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