4 Times You Should Call a Licensed Gas Fitter

Gas accidents are dangerous occurrences that can cause injuries or even death. As such, it needs to be managed very carefully. If any need for a gas fitter arises, make sure you call a licensed gas fitter, who could even be your local plumber. 

Dealing with your gas-related problems by yourself could put you at risk. Here are 4 times you should call a licensed gas fitter to help manage your home and appliances. 

#1 If You Smell Gas

If you are relaxing in your home or going about your day and you suddenly notice a gas odor, you need to calmly open the windows in your home and call a licensed gas fitter. The smell of gas could be a sign of a leaking gas outlet or pipe. If you let it sit for too long, it could pose a danger for you. 

In addition, if you notice that your gas bill is unusually high, then you need the licensed gas fitter to check your appliances and gas pipes. 

#2 Gas Fitting

One of the stages of completing a house is conducting gas fittings. You may be tempted to get your regular plumber or handyman to do the gas fittings. However, it is important that you get a licensed gas fitter who is professionally trained to manage this very important part of your house. 

These gas fittings can also include services such as installation, replacement and repairs. Additionally, it is important to have a gas fitter service your appliances on a regular basis so they are in adherence with all the safety and industry regulations. 

#3 Gas Pipe Relocation and Removal

If you are planning on excavating your property for any reason, you need to check whether there is an existing gas pipe. You have a responsibility to conduct a safety check through your hired gas fitter to confirm this and to get advice on how to go about it. 

Digging without this thorough check can be disruptive of essential services and can even cause injuries. 

#4 Buying Appliances and Reading Manuals

Appliances may have features that may be difficult for you to understand. Some of the features include flame failure devices and automatic re-ignition. The manufacturer often has a manual attached. If it is difficult for you to read and understand the manual, rather than harm yourself and others by not knowing how to use the appliance, make a call to your licensed gas fitter for help with installing it, and as they fit the new appliance, they could teach you how to use it.

Gas, just like electricity, can be dangerous if poorly handled. Do not try to fix gas fixtures by yourself or hire someone who is unlicensed to do so. Therefore, always look for a licensed gas fitter to look through all your gas-related activity. 

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